Top 10 Michael Jackson Tracks - Handpicked by Savage

While our favourite New Zealander Savage has been working hard touring the country and writing hits, the rapper took some time out to share with us his favourite tracks from one of his idols, the late great Michael Jackson. Throughout his life, Savage has been a huge fan of Michael Jackson as his music has always had a place at a certain point in his life, whether it be at school, at home or in the club. In his interview with us last week, he told us that his latest track Like Michael Jackson was his "own tribute to one of the greatest musicians/entertainers of all time". With hit after hit, Michael Jackson is undoubtedly the greatest ever pop star, with the greatest selling album of all time with Thriller, 13 Grammy Awards, as well as the achievement of being the first artist in history to have a Top 10 Single in five different decades.

Without further ado, here are Savage's Top 10 Michael Jackson tracks:

10. Bad
I recall loving this video when it first aired in NZ and whenever we parked at a carpark building, I use to think I'd see MJ there lol.

9. Smooth Criminal
I use to have a classmate named Annie and use to always ask her "Annie are you ok? Are you ok Annie?" lol, she hated me.

8. Ben
We use to sing this song in primary school, it was my favourite song when I found out MJ sung it.

7. Thriller
Oush I remember hiding under the covers when the video use to come on and my older brothers didn't help dancing around me like Zombies lol.

6. Man In The Mirror
I thought this song had a really cool message behind it, it made me think more of myself and how i acted around other people so I stopped taking people's lunches lol jokes.

5. Heal The World
Of course every kid then wanted to heal the world. MJ was a strong advocate of peace and inspired people like myself.

4. I'll Be There
When this song came out I remember my family going through hard times and my eldest brother singing this to me and my other brother. He 'till this day has always been there!

3. Dirty Diana
I think when this song came out I started checking out girls lol, I would have been 10yo I think.

2. Beat It
This song reminds me of whenever it played at our school disco's. It use to break out the group battles lol, I use to kill it with my back flip....yes i said it, back flip lol.

1. Billie Jean
Whenever you play this song back then, I use to get all hyped up and break out my unco MJ dance moves that ended with just the side finger snaps haha.

Savage's latest track is out now on iTunes.