Valentino Khan: The Secret To A Good Moustache

Valentino Khan is a name that is rapidly growing in the world of EDM and is synonymous with the OSWLA family. Working closely with artists such as Skrillex and Diplo, Valentino has made his mark with some devastating tracks that have rocked main stages around the globe. Over the past few years Valentino has released dirty festival thumpers, dabbling in Trap, Hip Hop and House, as well as lending his production talents to the likes of T.I, 2 Chainz, B.o.B, Iggy Azalea and Bruno Mars on a bunch of hit records. His most recent release Deep Down Low is a surprising change of pace for the LA based producer, however has dominated the beatport charts and has been supported by an array of artists from Tchami to Axwell ^ Ingrosso. Valentino Khan is heading to Australia and New Zealand this week for a run of shows on his 'Deep Down Under Tour'. We caught up with him for a very quick chat.

If you had to hang out with one person (past or present), who would it be and why?

Very tough question. Maybe a comedian like Bill Burr or Norm MacDonald. Those dudes really make me laugh.

Favourite OWSLA label mate?

This is too tough to choose. I love the energy, positivity and progressive attitude Skrill brings. It's always super inspiring to be around him. Kill The Noise is one of my good friends and we will hang out when we are not busy being studio recluses. I love the Milo & Otis guys, they're good dudes. And I get very excited DJing with Jack Beats because we always end up having a good time. I'm definitely forgetting some people so I'll apologize in advance.

Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at a show?

I wouldn't say this was embarrassing but it was pretty funny. A bit ago I played my own show in Southern California. Was a great night, sold out venue. The promoter talked me into doing my first stage dive ever mid-set. I finally gave in and jumped off the stage into the crowd. What I didn't know is that my buddy was going to dive in at the same time. He dove too close and ultimately accidentally gave me a backhand to the eye as he fell into the audience's arms. My eye swelled up like crazy immediately and I DJ'd the last hour of my set with a very swollen eye. Wasn't mad, it was a cool story and I had a great black eye to show for it.

If your music were an Ice Cream flavour what would it be?

Probably sherbet because you get every flavor in one sitting.

Your favourite place in the world is…?

Los Angeles, my hometown. But I do love traveling to New York, Paris and Chicago to name a few cities. I've always loved coming to Australia too and am looking forward to my first time in New Zealand on this upcoming tour.

Any interesting hidden-talent/party trick that you can share with us?

I can raise one eyebrow at a time if that counts. And I do really good karaoke covers of 'Hold The Line' by Toto.

If you were a gangster rapper, what would your rap name be?

Yung Coconut Water. Cuz I'm young and I really enjoy coconut water.

What is the secret to maintaining a good moustache?

Trimming and combing. Also you have to have a good amount of testosterone.

Burger, Pizza or Burritos?

What happened to tacos?

Valentino Khan - Deep Down Under Tour

15 May - Perth – Villa Nightclub

16 May - Adelaide – HQ Complex

20 May - Auckland – Cassette Nine

21 May - Christchurch – Dux Live

22 May - Sydney – Chinese Laundry

23 May - Brisbane – Family Nightclub