Video clips 101: 'I'm In Love'

We've come along way since Eric Prydz put an aerobics class in legwarmers and sweatbands and made yoga sexy... Or have we?

Our first look at Video Clips 101 looked at Belgian block rockers The Subs video for 'Music is the New Religion', where the ingredients to success were a darkened house and some passionate teenagers. Taking this to the next level, let us re-introduce you to Alex Gaudino of 'Destination Calabria' fame.

After a brief hiatus amongst countless saxophones and girl in green marching uniforms, Alex Gaudino is back - armed with his new club jam 'I'm In Love' There may be no marching bands or batton twirling, but this clip shows that you're able to have beautiful people making-out on film without it being over the top.

This clip is amazing, and we cannot wait for the single to hit stores in mid October.