Showtek Live in Dance World

Showtek are back and capturing the finest slice of 90s club with 90s By Nature with vocalist MC Ambush. These dudes can never be tied down; their music breaks boundaries and gathers inspiration from around the world. Never in one place, they do have one natural home – the dance world - residing there to wow fans that agonize for more and more. From the second they launched the astonishing debut album Today Is Tomorrow in 2007, expectations from music authorities and dance-lovers reached hysteria. Destroying expectancy on all counts, Showtek hit with the coveted 'Essential Mix' on BBC Radio 1. The first of their kind to do so it was heard the world over, and the global stage was set. We spoke to guys years on when there hits are blowing up speakers and lapping our festival crowds the world over.

Hey guys! The last few years has seen your direction in sound change and we're absolutely loving the ride. How do your creative changes come about?

It has more to do with the evolution of ourselves as a human. For ourselves, we achieved everything we wanted to achieve in the Hardstyle scene and the last few years when we were seen as Hardstyle producers we were already producing for other dance artists on the background. As you grow older, you start to like other things than what you've liked when you were young, that's the same with us and our musical evolution.

You guys have collaborated with biggest names in EDM, who has been your favourite artist to work with?

There were all great, but doing "BAD" with David Guetta was really an amazing experience as we became good friends afterwards. We talk a lot with David about music, being an artist and becoming succesful.

Is there anyone you guys want to work with in the future?

Calvin Harris, John Newman, Lykke Li, Empire of the Sun and Lana Del Rey would be really awesome!

You recently started your own label. What's the motive behind Skink?

After releasing some successful songs we wanted to start our own label which isn't genre-bounded. The label embodies the characteristics of this unlikely animal. Elusive and impossible to pin down, the skink is a survivor, making it the perfect symbol of our continuing musical evolution and determination to sustain longevity with our endeavours.

You were recently in Australia for Stereosonic, what do you love most about Australian crowds?

Stereosonic last December was absolutely great!! We always love to go back to Australia as we have 'old' fans that supported us from back in the days and we also made a lot of new fans in Australia! It was great to see that our old and new fans united well at all the Stereosonic events. We hope to come back in 2015!

Which country parties the hardest?

Australia absolutely have some crazy partygoers but Scotland will always be our number one country of hardest and most crazy party people.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while playing at a show?

This is too embarrassing to tell haha, but in a nutshell , we ended up having a fight with some people. All solved later luckily.

What's your favourite memory from the 90s?

That we received our first keyboard from our mom and that we started to play around composing our own songs.

What would you guys think you would be doing if you weren't DJs/producers or running a label?

Professional basketball players haha :)