Destroy Rock & Roll

When listening to a new CD, you're always ready with your finger right on the skip button, no matter how mind-bogglingly amazing everyone's telling you it is. Then, every so often an album comes out that totally sucks your ears in and freezes your finger on the spot. You'll be listening to Mylo for four tracks before you realise you haven't skipped a track, in fact you'll probably want to go back one, to listen to 'Drop The Pressure' again. (Like you haven't heard it enough in clubs already).

Instead, you keep listening and then in 'In My Arms' there's a 'Betty Davis Eyes' sample (by Kim Carnes, if you're old enough to remember - not Gywneth Paltrow). 'Guilty Of Love' comes over all melodic and pretty then 'Paris Four Hundred' gets you moving around in your chair again like you've got ants in your pants.

'Musclecars' is the next track to come off the album, both with and without vocals - a sneaky little electro tune with woo-hoo-hoo-hoos and bleeps that sounds a bit like Royksopp . With 14 tracks all hovering around the house/electro area and all mostly winners, it probably won't be long before you start hearing more about Mylo. Not just for the floppy-haired fashion set, either, even if they do play this stuff quite a lot.