Unless you’ve spent the last 12 months under a rock, or hiding in witness protection, you’ll have likely moshed your drunken noggin off to the churning thrashing basslines of probably the biggest, sexiest track of the year – Benny Banassi’s 'Satisfaction'.

If you loved 'Satisfaction' and, by definition, it should at least satisfy you, you'll love the rest of the crazy siblings found on the new Album Hypnotica - because there's more of the same. Despite the signs of inbreeding, it’s surprising the diversity Benny can achieve with his relentlessly distinctive production style. Considering most tracks have the same twisted vocoded voice and snarling acid baselines, it’s a pleasant surprise that each song offers up sufficient difference to make a complete album.

Unable to fade into the background, this album races maniacally between high-energy electro, ironic lyrics, science fiction sounds, and seductive grooves - imagine the ADD child of Kraftwerk and Daft Punk. A truly unique sound that will demand your attention for the entire 61 minutes.