The Whirled You Live

Ee-ee, ba dup ba da da daaa da bup bup ee-ee. That’s how this one goes and if you’ve been out to a funky house kind of establishment over the past couple of months, chances are you would have heard it, maybe even drunkenly trilled along out of key. Made by Sydney-siders (and terrible spellers), Antigone Foster and Justin Shave, it’s a peppy little house number with piano riffs, high-pitched female vocals, double bass, percussion and sax and has that up-tempo Brasilian type vibe. There are four mixes here, the first is your straight out Radio Edit, the second a Sixty Six Mix, which is your longer cut, which, to the naked ear sounds just like the original. Third is a Jamie Lewis Darkroom Vocal Mix, which is deeper, more prog/tribal sounding and less fussy overall, featuring a nice sax interlude. The last track is the instrumental and we’re back to the upbeat party-style tune, minus the vocals of course. Definitely one you'll hear a lot over the next few months.