Call On Me

Starting life as an mp3 in the hands of only a select few DJs ‘Call On Me’ has spread like wildfire, surfing label bidding-wars and dodging a spate of bootleg rip-offs along the way, before eventually landing in the hands of Mr Winwood himself who liked the track so much he decided to re-sing the vocals himself. Prydz began making music at the tender age of 9, and was so fanatical even at this early stage, that a lack of equipment was simply a minor obstacle in his quest for stardom. He developed a habit of breaking and entering in order to “borrow” his school’s keyboards: a habit that soon landed him in a Swedish reform school. But this set back merely strengthened his resolve and, buoyed by encouragement from influential friends such as successful producer Steve Angello, Prydz was soon producing tracks that found their way into the record boxes of some of the worlds most high profile DJs.