Stomp Yo Shoes!

This fattest of fat tune-age feat. Tommie Sunshine really does make one want to stomp one's shoes, kind of like Grover does - or would if he was wearing shoes - in the Sesame Street disco version of 'ABC' (fuzzy foot stomping at 1.03). At Number One for five weeks in early 2008 this single was a summer anthem, not just for Australia but all over the US and the UK. The single put the boys on the map as producers with more dimensions than the multiverse.

The global praise came with immediate benefits as NYC electro godfather Tommie Sunshine contacted The Aston Shuffle about doing a collaboration - not something one turns down if one knows what is good for one. The remix package is something we're all very proud of, too. Shazam has dug deep to create a fresh 'French Touch' remix complete with uplifting synths and funky bassline - a truly amazing and visionary thing to behold.

The Italian ravers 'The Bloody Beetroots' remix is no slouch, either. The Beets could well be the most-blogged about artist on the interwebs and they've submitted an ultra-rave remix that's destined to make parents of ravers wonder where they went wrong with their offspring.

Hussle are extremely excited to bring you 'Stomp Yo Shoes' and if you don't like it as much as we do, that probably says more about you than it does about the track.