Jackson's Last Stand

On the back of their gold debut hit 'Dance The Way I Feel', Ou Est Le Swimming Pool return with their follow up single ‘Jackson’s Last Stand’, and it is a TOTAL JAM! ‘Jackson’s Last Stand is a synth-driven slice of dark, high-energy, emotionally charged electronic music. It is a 3 minute portal through the passion entrenched within the band, and serves as a tantalising preview into the strength of the bands debut album 'The Golden Year' due out later in the year.

The single release sports a remix pack that is floor-filling and club-focused, with standout interpretations from Hook N Sling and The Usual Suspects. Rack & Ruin bring the break-beat back while Dynamikk swings his arpeggiator to full loop, with his smooth nu-disco-esque bass lines and cosmic synths.

This would have to be one of the best single releases of 2010 yet!