Won't Go Quietly

Echoing Professor Green’s career trajectory, Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, has recently bcome a constant fixture in the U.K. charts thanks to gus cinnerucakm dysfunctional electro-pop sound.

Example is unique. Hidden amongst a genre niched and clad with clones, dreamers and posers - he is an established MC and a talented vocalist – two skills which he is able to showcase throughout his debut album ‘Won’t Go Quietly’.

Featuring the hit lead singles ‘Kickstarts’ and ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ which have been smashing it across national radio waves, the album is littered with potential future singles. With such strong production on every track on the release, it becomes instantly obvious why Example scored the national support for Lily Allen in the UK last year, and we can’t wait until our favourite lad from London physically touches down in OZ to rock our cotton socks.

It’s inventive, confident, exuberant and amazing collection of dance-pop songs which prove that this boy, is one to watch throughout the future. Get it while its hot!