Their debut album ‘Subculture’ took the music world by storm, and now, off the back of their lead single ‘Face Of The Planet’, The Subs are taking electronica down that deep, dark, unexplored road once again with their second album Decontrol.

Showcasing the latest in glitchy rave jams, Decontrol turns the volume straight up to eleven, pushing sonic boundaries to the extreme with squelching synths, arpeggiated bass lines, techno drum stabs and a straight up take on electronica which has made these crazy Belgian beat bangers famous across the world.

Transferring the energy and enthusiasm of their live performances onto a record is one thing – but doing it across an entire album is definitely a skill which only The Subs poses! It’s guaranteed to be one of the greatest electronic albums of 2011, so if you haven’t discovered The Subs, then now is your chance to make the switch to the right kind of electronica.