Imperial Rockets

As a final bow for the record, Itch-e & Scratch-e have saved the best single until last. Imperial Rockets. It's actually one of their most favourite tracks from the album. Paul explains "Andy came up with the implausibly long (for techno) progression which I think tries to contain hope, joy, sadness and bewilderment in the one 16 bar pattern. And I tied in a melody in to bring it all together." Andy adds "I think we were trying to write a greek techno anthem but ended up contemplating the space/time continuum or something like that." Rounding off the song's description, Paul states "We think it's romantic, visionary, futuristic and retro all at the same time". With Remixes from Jori Hulkonnen, Black Mirror, Deepchild, Cosmonaut, Suspect and even a Stereogamous Andy Rantzen this is definitely one of our favourite too.