Louder (feat. Sian Evans)

THE track on the Ibiza circuit right now, ‘Louder’ has earned itself the landmark title of being the first in the Dubstep genre to reach #1 in the UK Singles Chart.

Hailing from England, DJ Fresh (one of the principle members of Bad Company) has worked with artists ranging from Pet Shop Boys, DJ Shadow, Apollo 440 and Pendulum.

Digitial Spy describe the track as "... like sipping on a bottle of the electrolyte-infused liquid, its wobbly drum 'n' bass lines are guaranteed to satisfy many a club-goers craving for a three-minute fix of hang-banging, fist-pumping and head-spinning music.”

‘Louder’ features the unmistakable vocals of Welsh vocalist Sian Evans from Kosheen and promises to be as unstoppable in Oz as it has in the motherland.