Seventeen Past Midnight

The Aston Shuffle's ascent to the top of the Australian dance music totem has been nothing short of startling. Only three years ago the duo of Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman were the sole toast of the Australian capital, before their unmistakable blend of big dancefloor vibes and aurally striking hooks landed them on the radar of eager listeners and tastemakers alike.

Raised in the darkened depths of DJ booths of Australian clubs, the 'Shuffle have mastered their own club creations, canvassing some truly epic moments of sweaty, floor-stomping euphoria into the hearts and minds of many. Showcasing their immaculate club pedigree, The Aston Shuffle triumphed in the 2010 instalment of Australia's biggest DJ poll, the inthemix50, emerging victorious at not only the state, but national level - snatching a majority of some 65,000 votes to claim the treasured bounty, the title of Australia’s #1 DJs.

While they may've cut their teeth doing an infinite amount of late night club sets, DJing isn't the only performance outlet for our heroes; graduating from darkened dancefloors to flood-lit festivals and sea-side amphitheatres, discarding the trolley-bag of records for synthesisers and drum machines – in a peerless, sensory altering and visual-heavy production show. The live light-sound extravaganza was unveiled at the iconic Shore Thing New Years Eve party at Bondi beach, the boys red-lined and wow’d the minds of over ten-thousand revellers, alongside house big guns Armand Van Helden and David Guetta. The atmosphere was electric, and when the time came to arpeggiate stage-left, tensions rose. Their was something in the air. The crowd were addicted, and left craving more.

The duo’s first singles I Wanna See You, For Everyone and Do You Want More were trend-setting, altering the perceptions of the music community. Most recently, ‘Your Love’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Seventeen Past Midnight’, fused the group's love of razor-edged electro breakdowns with an enslaving vocoder refrain - caused sparks across national airwaves, and brought many a blog to the limits of its bandwidth. The anthemic sequel ‘Start Again’ promises to continuing powering the Shuffle juggernaut into the stratosphere of stereo. Kicking genres to the kerb, it’s sort of nu-electroclash with a straight up edge, a fem-fatale vox that oozes bliss and a kick so tight that you can feel it in your back teeth. Accompanied by one of the strongest remix packs to see the light of day, the herculean single is set to be a hit of the future.

However large the single, the debut album, ‘Seventeen Past Midnight’, cements them as the next wave of Australia’s emerging electronic scene. The Aston Shuffle’s meteoric rise to this point in space and time has merely been a courting of aural foreplay, a tease of talents which this duo posses.

Armed to the teeth, destruction is imminent.

‘Seventeen Past Midnight’