Kristina Miltiadou, or Krissy as she’s known by most, is a fashionably fresh breath of air to the lungs of the global music scene. Striking when staged and armed with a quirky yet direct lyrical simplicity, Kristina Miltiadou is creating something new – transcending genres and oozing an enchanting talent as she preaches her sermon of life, love, and melody through syncopated crunk-pop. With her stage dreams bound in the dearest of diaries and hairbrush microphones throughout her childhood, it was inevitable for this Melbourne raised sing-star to end up centre stage. Raised on a diet of Lauryn Hill, Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah with a generous serving of Timbaland’s production catalogue, Kristina’s obsession with urban beat and melody fused with her traditional Hellenic roots and crafted her unique sound. Loosely defined as a sort of Nu-Wave-R&B-Pop, each and every song is an expression of passion, fun and full of boogie. It’s that special oomph which makes it all enthralling, infectious and makes you want to full body swing dance. Finding some time between a Marina and The Diamonds support slot, and her collaborative project ‘Covers’, Kristina teamed up with François Tetaz (Gotye, Bertie Blackman, Architecture in Helsinki) to produce and record her first studio album. Her debut single ‘Carousel’ is a triple-distilled serenade to the cyclical tale of love, fear and finding emotional security at the bottom of a bottle. Enlisting additional oomph from iconic super producer M-Phazes (Illy, Drapht, Kimbra), the single frames Kristina’s talent and straight up vocal delivery in a deceptively wild, confrontational and playfully percussive record.

Ready to parallel the emotive rotations professed through its verses, ‘Carousel’ has been born into the world, so pour a drink, grab a chair and get ready for something new.