Good Morning to the Night

The highly anticipated collaboration between one of modern music's most influential artists and Australia's leading electronic duo, liberates decades of archived recordings and compositions in lesson of creation, enlightenment and rebirth.

A dynamic modernization of original studio and live recordings, Good Morning To The Night redefines the timelessness of Elton John's own works through collaborative exploration, sampling, sequencing and synthesis by the leading force in experimental and epic electronica, PNAU. The conceptual album draws elements from no-less-than 40 known, and unknown recordings, re-produced into eight euphonious moments. Spanning stratospheric and sonic bounds across the score, PNAU sculpt a warm, psychedelic symphony - rich in melodic keys and harmony -- with the lead singles 'Good Morning To The Night' and 'Sad' a teasing gaze into what is destined to become one of the greatest musical works in celestial history.