All Night Long

Kodie is former professional boxer turned musician that´s spent the last couple of years perfecting his skills and his craft as an artist. He´s been working around several established artists and can best be described as a Swedish answer to Kid Cudi and Akon meets Pitbull and Flo Rida. It´s all about delivery, about the hooks and about making sure he is on top of things delivering all the time. This first official debutsingle from Kodie is truly inspired by the the sounds of the 90s as a sort of post euro-dance type of release. Produced by up and coming Mick Kastenholt that is a huge priority now for Sony Music worldwide together with his partner Andrew Dee. They released their first big single “Check This Out” back in 2010 sampling Run DMC and also remixed “Sweet Dreams” from Avicii which took them to the top of charts worldwide. Their current singles are climbing the DJ charts all over the place. “All Night Long” is a party anthem that’s just waiting to explode. And Kodie himself is a movement, ready to take on the world and knock this one out the box!