He Not In

Groove Armada, Eats Everything and Noirget to grips with an all-time classic. The three have taken to the plate to Edit, Rewix and Reconstruct the game changing bassline anthem that everyone has come to know and love, we’re talking of none other than Chicken Lips’ timeless hit, He Not In. Groove Armada turn in a phenomenal reworking, teasing the original bassline over swung beats and sharply drawn percussion, phasing the track out of all recognition for a tensely rewarding crescendo. Eats Everything meanwhile holds strong to the original structure, jacking the beats and bass up to maximum capacity, throwing his own stamp on things to trump all expectations. Noir’s Personal Edit rounds off the set of new versions, set to satisfy anyone who’s heard him drop this live since the release of the original! A faultless modern interpretation, done with attitude and integrity, as it should be.