Kristina Miltiadou

A refreshingly vibrant blend of R&B and pop, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Kristina Miltiadou takes just one listen to realise that she is well on her way to becoming one of Australia’s greatest new musical talents.
At just 23 years of age, Kristina and her band, with her beautifully distinctive sound, have already been shaking things up on the Melbourne live circuit, bedding in for the past few years whilst gaining a slew of live fans that have long been waiting for Kristina to finally release her recorded material. Her self-titled album features ten tracks written by Kristina and François Tetaz. The album is filled with catchy lyrics and pop-laced melodies that have been tastefully intertwined together.
Kristina Miltiadou’s music is truly a portrait of who she is. She writes about life through love: partying, dancing, drinking, living, loving, laughing and learning from it all – and it’s because that’s who she truly is.