Able To Maximise

Electronic grand wizard, Francesco ‘Phra’ Barbaglia, AKA Crookers, returns with a brand new single ‘Able to Maximise’. Renowned for his high-octane, no holds barred live shows and productions, this incendiary release looks certain to set dance floors ablaze.

‘Able to Maximise’ is a reflection of where Phra is with his sound at the moment. Fully immersing himself with his songwriting craft, experimenting with different effects and approaches until he was sure that he had the sound he was were looking for.

"The idea for the track came about one night when Dilligas and I were hanging out at home”, explains Phra. “We were in the studio playing out old dub records and discovered this little mad MIDI file”.

He goes on to add, “I lifted the drum sounds and distorted the hell out of it, adding my own little signature.” The end product was a resounding success with Crookers making it a staple tune in his new live sets. “It always puts a smile on people's faces. It's probably a good thing because as my grandma used to say, It’s impossible to see an ugly face if it's smiling”. Wise words.