Back 2 Front

It's been a big year for the Melbourne sound with zero signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

When you think of The Sound, the name Joel Fletcher is never far away. Born and raised in Melbourne, the prodigal son of the Melbourne underground scene has come to earn widespread praise and an impressive reputation for his work as a DJ and producer. His unforgettable remix, 'Swing' with New Zealand hip hop star, Savage went triple platinum and solidified why Joel is one of the most influential acts in the industry today.

Reece Low has blazed his way through the ranks to transform from kid with potential to one of Australia’s most formidable, prominent and well respected artists. He has also earned his reputation for being one of the nations strongest producers speaks for itself with releases on Dim Mak, Hussle Recordings, Onelove, Downright, Neon, Club Cartel, Bomb Squad, Vicious, Universal Music, Klub Kids and more.

Now, Joel and Reece team up to bring you that unmistakable sound with their latest single, 'Back 2 Front'. The dancefloor destroyer is a powerful concoction of electro-house synths, bouncing bass lines, and progressive builds - essentially all the necessary elements of a mind-blowing festival anthem.