Bass Face

Some Blonde DJ is the alter-ego stage name of Alicia Nicole Weir; one of the most promising young protégés to rise out of the world-renown music hub of Melbourne. Playing her first show in a modest St Kilda venue in January 2010 to Future Music Festival, Summadayze in 2012 and Ultraglow 2012, the journey has been short, sweet and plentiful. Armed with a reputation as the ultimate party starter, Alicia is a constant collector of fans, with crowds subscribing to her energetic output of influential EDM. Her mix-tapes have become the Saturday night soundtrack for the masses, heard spilling onto the streets from car stereos en route to her many residencies, which now spread across some of Australia's biggest parties.

Her debut single Bass Face is nothing short of a mammoth track, which further shows how the Melbourne bounce scene is taking on the world. What is one of the hardest bouncing tunes of the year, watch out for Some Blonde DJ as she tears up dance floors around the country. Released by Hussle, Bass Face has been a hit amongst her club shows and has received heavy support from many established DJs and Producers across the country. Stand clear as Some Blonde DJ goes all out on this banger.