Come On Now (Set It Off) Remixes

Come On Now (Set It Off) hallmarks the return of German duo Tube & Berger to new audiences worldwide. Known for their breakthrough single Straight Ahead featuring Chrissie Hynde, German duo Tube & Berger return with Come On Now (Set It Off), a crossover track at a pinnacle of the house scene currently spreading worldwide. The imprint founded by the two former punk band members and Polish DJ and producer Juliet Sikora, Come On Now (Set It Off) was a #1 Beatport single over the New Year.

This time around, five artists have added their own flavour to the Tube & Berger original. POOLCLVB who threw down a pumping remix earlier this year of Kilter's Alive Again, once again injects that signature groove into the hypnotising chords, where as Weiss uses a combination of warm rumbling subs, sweet, sharp percussion and delicate vocals to make his mark. Whilst Christoph and Panda take more percussively upbeat approaches, and Lugana provides a slower and melodically concentrated interpretation.