Goove 'N' On EP

After hitting #1 in the UK charts with the massive 'I Wanna Feel', Chicago-born, London-based DJ and producer SecondCity continues to make a name for himself with the three 'Groove 'N' On EP' on Defected's DFTD imprint.

Opening with empty warehouse echoes and a hypnotic vocal loop, the EP's homonymous title track gets deep with its window shaking sub bass and low pitched vocal stabs. Perfect for the peaking dance floor, 'I'll Tell You' boasts a buzzing bass line and infectiously huge female vocals. Uplifted by a catchy male vocal number and bouncing bongos, the EP closes with 'More'. As the vocals get choppy and the bass gets heavier, 'More' slowly reveals itself as a secret weapon for the midnight dance floor igniter.