Light & Sound

ollowing a string of seminal releases with acclaimed imprints such as Future Classic, Kitsuné and Nervous, Luke Million proudly presents his new EP, ‘Light & Sound’.

Luke Million has gained cult house party status with ‘Arnold’ (1.3 million spins and counting) as well as enjoying bountiful Triple J play for his last EP ‘Midnight Galaxy’, which was released through historic NYC house label Nervous Records. Luke Million’s signature synth- laden, cosmic disco style also appears in all its glory through remixes for musical amigos Olympic Ayres, Moullinex and Midnight Pool Party, as well as upcomers for High Highs, Tkay Maidza and his other band, The Swiss.

Completing a series of hot mix tapes for Thump, Discobelle and Last Gas Station, Luke has created a Soundcloud series of disco re-imaginations of past hits – The Doors, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd – which have all been hyper-powered with racks and racks of bespoke analogue gear. Written with Sterling Silver, lead single ‘Light & Sound’ enlists the beautiful mystery vocalist from previous track ‘Midnight’. The feel-good, disco-fuelled jam explores the emotive connection of light, sound and beyond, juiced up with live bass, soaring synths and a guitar lick Nile Rodgers would be happy to call his own.

In collaboration with Entropico (Touch Sensitive, Beni, Nicky Night Time) and illustrator Laura Ives, the video for ‘Light & Sound’ features a beautiful watercolour fox traversing a landscape, embarking on a wistful journey of colour, sound and transmutation.  Whether you’re a disco dabbler or hard-out extremist, ‘Light & Sound’ is poised to become a summer sizzler, with more class than a super yacht champagne brunch. With Luke Million’s ability for creating crossover cult classics, ‘Light & Sound’ looks set to join the fold, just in the nick of time.