Contemporary soul man, Klue is equal parts, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who has lately been making himself known around the electronic scene.

Written and recorded in his home studio, 'Hiding' is about the moments when you realize you've been out all night long, the sun is rising and there are people all around you doing their early-morning exercise routines. You can either let the situation decline into an embarrassing walk of shame, or continue on triumphantly and totally own everything about it. 'Hiding' is the perfect summertime accompaniment with its uplifting beats and smooth topical feels. As it opens with a deep warbling synth, Klue's soulful voice is met by a chorus of brass horns that echo out across timbral arrangements of tropical percussion, warm grounding bass-lines, and an enlivening Afro-beat groove.

The percussion and drum programming is influenced by a mix of UK Garage and Afro-beat musicians, while his vocal sound and style comes from a childhood of classic soul tunes.