At Sea (Remixes)

Adelaide three-piece Flamingo continues their signature blend of heartfelt indie electronica vibes with their new single, At Sea. Built on an instrumental of ocean-pulsed synths and glistening guitar riffs, the lyrics reflect on the ominous past and terrifying future of those people who find themselves 'At Sea'.

The topic of refugees who arrive by boat to Australia is politically charged and heavily skewed in mainstream media. 'At Sea' provides an empathetic viewpoint to the issue, one which is they feel is lacking from the national conversation. The chorus “Families at seas, what a lovely place to be," purposely exaggerates the sentiment of far too many Australians who believe that putting your family on an overcrowded boat to cross the dangerous seas is taking the easy option.

Kacee Heidt, vocalist for Flamingo explains, Leaving your home and everything you have ever known to travel to the other side of the world in search of a life free from tyranny and devastation with nothing but your family and the clothes on your back. This is one of the hardest things a person can possibly go through and something most Australians couldn't possibly imagine.

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