Tommy Trash - Sinners feat. Daisy Guttridge

Tommy Trash is one of Australia's biggest dance music exports. Touring the world's biggest clubs and festivals and releasing tracks like the multi-platinum selling ' Reload' with Sebastian Ingrosso and John Martin.

Now Tommy releases 'Sinners'. This is Tommy Trash like you've never heard before. Boldly diving headfirst into new territory, Tommy sets the bar high with his latest single. Delicate piano tones and graceful vocals from Daisy Guttridge weave together seamlessly atop gentle house beats, resulting in one of the most honest pieces of music we've come across in recent years. Yet again, Tommy proves why he's miles ahead of the rest.

Tommy and Daisy explain the meaning behind 'Sinners':

"'Sinners' is about taking control of a word that someone uses against you in a hurtful way; to take ownership of it and make it powerless to them. You might be told you're doing something forbidden or that someone doesn't approve of your relationship, but you decide to celebrate it and disarm the negativity they are trying to throw your way."

'Sinners' is available to Stream & Download now