Meet Ango, the 20-year-old electronic music enthusiast from Melbourne, whose journey began with releases on Shelter and Underground Sound, earning support from industry heavyweights like Patrick Topping. Rooted in electronic, pop, and hard house, Ango’s signature sound is marked by intricate synth-work, catchy vocals, and high BPMs.


Boasting over 1 million streams across platforms and a string of sold-out shows, Ango’s original DJ sets have become legendary, showcasing his exceptional mixing skills and innovative creativity. With upcoming releases generating significant hype, he continues to push the boundaries of his genre-defying music.


Having graced the stages of Ultra Music Festival and Spilt Milk in Ballarat, Ango’s dynamic stage presence cements him as a rising star in the Australian electronic music scene. Keep an eye on Ango as he evolves and redefines the landscape with each electrifying performance and groundbreaking release.