Emerging onto the scene in 2015, Bushbaby, a Brighton-based DJ and producer, has embarked on a remarkable musical journey. His sonic evolution has been a captivating ride, as he seamlessly navigates the realms of bass, garage, and house. Over the years, his sound has matured and morphed, reflecting his innovative approach to music production.


As a pivotal member of the prolific underground Brighton record label Southpoint, Bushbaby has played a significant role in reshaping the sonic landscape. Notably, Bushbaby has emerged as a leading figure in the new speed garage and bassline movement, crafting tracks that redefine genre boundaries. With a magnetic stage presence and an ever-growing discography, he continues to solidify his reputation as a driving force in the electronic music landscape.


Bushbaby’s talent and unique sound have garnered support from some of the industry’s most respected figures, including Interplanetary Criminal, Main Phase, Dr Dubplate, and more. These endorsements underscore his influence and significance within the evolving electronic music scene.


One of his standout achievements includes his bootleg of Benga and Coki’s ‘Night’, which was released on the prestigious garage label ec2a, selling out of over 100 units in under five minutes upon going on sale. The release received widespread acclaim and was supported by renowned artists such as Disclosure, Gorgon City, and Four Tet, to name just a few. The overwhelming response to his ‘Night’ bootleg further solidified Bushbaby’s status as a sought-after producer, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact in the world of electronic music.


Looking ahead to 2024, Bushbaby has an exciting project scheduled for March. This larger body of work will feature some high-profile collaborations and remixes, demonstrating his versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with other industry leaders. Furthermore, fans can anticipate an S Dog remix before the end of 2023. Additionally, he is set to embark on an Australia and New Zealand tour at the start of the year, promising fans an immersive live experience that will further cement his position as a rising star in the electronic music scene.