Sydney artist/producer Cabu brings a whole new meaning to the saying ‘smooth as butter’ with his luscious R’n’B & House infused grooves Having amassed 50Mil streams and over 750k monthly listeners on spotify alone, Cabu’s most recent releases have been featured on Triple J, Dj Complexion Future beats radio, Soundistyle, Majestic casual, Soulection Radio, BBC 1xtra, Maison Kitsune and many more. 2019 also saw the debut of Cabu’s Live show taking it on the road performing around the Australian East Coast incorporating his soul encrusted electronica with a live band and guest vocalists Both DJing and Live Cabu has also supported local and international heavyweights such as FKJ, Emotional Oranges, Cosmo’s Midnight, BOO Seeka, Slumberjack & Kilter. With an array of releases locked and loaded the future is set to be a big one for Cabu.