Sydney-based Cotto is a seasoned producer influenced by the timeless UK old-school and contemporary Australian sounds. With a production resume that spans diverse genres, Cotto is primarily renowned for his sets encompassing speed garage, UKG, breaks, hard house, and techno. His work has found a home on prestigious international and Australian labels including Shelter, Transition, Southpoint, Extra Spicy, Outhouse Sounds and more.


Cotto’s music is a masterful fusion of old school signature sounds, featuring warped basslines intertwined with breakneck percussion along with contemporary tech elements. Cotto’s approach is marked by a matter-of-fact dedication and love for the music. His sound encapsulates a perfect balance between current and nostalgic vibes which have him at the forefront of what is happening currently musically.


In the tradition of the industry’s best, Cotto’s commitment to preserving authenticity shines through in both his productions and live performances. With a focus on the essential elements that define his sound, Cotto emerges as a compelling figure in Australia’s dynamic music landscape.