After making serious noise in the Australia club scene with their interactive DJ set and lavish outfits, the Groove City boys landed themselves a few big festival slots that quickly turned the DJ set into a multi-layered Disco experience. Since then, they’ve gone on to sell out venues around the country in the form of ‘Groove City’s Disco Deluxe’.


Groove City has solidified themselves as a one-stop-shop for generating studio 54-esque dancefloors, and curating the vibe of the party as soon as they walk through the door. “Groove City are a down-under version of Chromeo that we are vibing… [they’ll] satisfy your deepest darkest disco desires.” – Pilerats “Capitalising on acts before them like Total Giovanni or even very early Client Liaison, yet putting their own spin on it, Groove City are sitting on a treasure trove of tunes that will make you feel good inside and out.” – Purple Sneakers “Injecting a sorely-needed dose of unadulterated funk into our local scene,


Daniel Andaloro and Calum Mawson have spent the last 12 months fulfilling a mission handed down to them by the disco gods themselves: bless this wholly unprepared world with straight-up baby makin’ slow jams.” – Best Before