Propelling Down Under techno and house into the world’s clubs with classics such as Phreakin’, LSD and 6AM in the mid-90s, DJHMC (Cam Bianchetti) is rightly hailed as the ‘godfather of Australian techno’. DJHMC is called the godfather of Australian techno for a reason. He and the labels Juice and Dirty House were responsible for his hometown Adelaide’s title of ‘Australia’s Detroit’.


He hit number one on the German dance charts in 1995 with Dirty House’s first release Phreakin’ and Carl Cox included LSD on his classic mix FACT 2. Aside from Cox, global HMC fans include Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Optimo and Claude Young. His performances as DJHMC are of course very different now to those heady early days and his music style now reflects his love of not just techno but also house music.


He has started touring and those who have not experienced him live should be excited. Infamous for his fear of flying which is in the past now, he has just concluded yet another tour of Europe having made is fourth consecutive appearance at Berlin’s infamous Berghain in as many years. DJHMC has just launched an all new label ‘reflector’ which will be a platform to release his re-mastered back catalogue and to also feature his most recent work. The world is his, and he has embraced it whole-heartedly as the world has embraced DJHMC; once again to prove why he is one of the most talented techno and house DJs to ever grace the turntables.