Australian based electronic artist JAKKA – aka Jeremy Jakovcevic, lives in the fine line between melancholic reflection and nostalgia. With a fresh take on a classic genre, JAKKA hopes to bring the “Future Garage” sound to the forefront. Previous beginnings in club orientated music have amassed upto 2 million streams in the past, however, 2022 marks a new beginning, a new direction, and a more focused artist project from JAKKA which can be easily identified by delicate 2 -step style drums over ethereal and atmospheric sounds. Live sets have been aplenty with a full campaign beginning in 2023. It is here where JAKKA explores his duality with heavier hitting sounds which contrast that of his emotionally driven productions. Having first begun performing from the age of 10, JAKKA has mastered the art of a good live show, with a very particular ear for great music. Set to launch his debut EP “Torn” in 2023, the future is bright for the young star.