Germany’s MARTEN HØRGER takes everything we love about House, HipHop & Broken Beat to turn it’s something that is not just totally unique…but also incredibly successful. From Australia to North America and Europe to Asia, Marten Hørger has amassed a following of devoted fans and made a lot of Bass loving friends along the way.


He started his career at the age of 15 and although he wasn’t allowed to be in the club legally, he still managed to secure a residency at Douala, one of South Germany’s most famous underground techno clubs, and became one of the youngest professional DJs in the country. Marten first gained international attention when German Elektro originator Westbam labeled him “the new wonder kid of bass music.” Since then, he’s donned the hat of both DJ and producer, releasing a crate-load ofmusic to critical acclaim.


His first ever solo release “LGFU” earned him two International Breakspoll Awards for Best Single and Producer of the Year. In the following years Marten developed from a scene hero into a global tastemaker and managed to find his very own trademark sound that UK’s DJ Mag describes as “the Future.“ In the past year alone Marten has racked up 80 Shows around the Globe, Productions all over TV & Cinema, as well as Beatport Top10s. His recent release ‚‘You Don’t / Hands Together’’ on Tchami’s Confession Records has become one of the Anthems of the bass-house World and enjoys support from Diplo, Craze, A-Trak, Malaa, Stanton Warriors, My Nu Leng, Jauz and Maximono as well as Plays on BBC Radio1 and Apple BeatsOne.