Sydney-based, DJ and producer Dylan Martin (middle name Royalston) has been listening to drum & bass since ’93, as well as producing & DJing for nearly 20 years. A man of many talents, Royalston is also an illustrator and designer and first got into music production when he was making a soundtrack to a 3D animation.


Royalston started producing on pre-cursor to Reason, Rebirth, along with an old groovebox called a Yamaha RM1X and is now a hardened Ableton addict. Wanting to learn more, Royalston went and studied piano and composition, taught by a film composer who had worked at CBS throughout the 70s and arranged and orchestrated many classic disco tunes. After a short stint at music school (“Japanese Bones” by the band MA, which Royalston remixes his “Cerulean Blue” EP, is written by one of his teachers from there!).


Royalston has gone on to write music for documentaries, educational programs, video artists and a few TV commercials. His music is characterized by a raw, analogue sound with a techy edge – thanks to plenty of hardware – and he has released on labels such as Bad Taste and Black Acre before signing exclusively to Hospital/Med School in 2012. Since then, he has released 3 full-length albums – ‘OCD’ (2012), ‘People on the Ground’ (2014) & ‘Popular Mechanics’ (2017), featured heavily on Hospital and Med School compilations & remixed several huge acts outside the Drum & Bass world. Sometimes experimental, sometimes melodic, his work draws influence from techno, trance, modern classical music and the odd 80’s B-movie soundtrack.