Meet Sanchez X, the maestro of beats and the heartbeat of Eora/Sydney’s underground dance scene. This Rozelle local and backyard doof extraordinaire has mastered the art of turning dance floors into euphoric realms where every record is a sonic journey that makes your soul groove.


Sanchez X has been the luminary behind the decks, orchestrating a dance revolution with his own energetic sway and mischief. His presence has become synonymous with unforgettable nights at iconic Sydney parties, including the legendary Lost Sundays, the fresh new heaver The Basement and many more.


Creator of the sizzling hot secret infamous People’s Party, Sanchez X turns every rave into a curated musical journey. His love for secret raves and the allure of house music makes each set a celebration, connecting souls through the magic of sound.


Join Sanchez X for an unforgettable experience where movement and emotions collide, leaving an indelible mark on Eora’s vibrant nightlife above ground and inevitably underground.