Hailing from the coastal town of Wollongong/Dharawal, Sekta has swiftly emerged as a powerhouse in the electronic music scene since their inception in 2021. With their debut release “Sequence Start” on ‘NEED2FREAK,’ the duo have captivated listeners with their fusion of hard house, trance, and speed garage.


Sekta’s journey began with sold-out parties in their hometown, setting ablaze the local scene with their high-octane performances. Their influence quickly spread to Sydney, where they continued to further solidify their presence in the Australian underground music circuit.


Marking a significant milestone in their career, Setka recently unveiled their debut EP on Medium Rare Recordings, showcasing the evolution of their sound. With each performance and release, Setka continues to push boundaries and carve out their path as one of the most promising acts emerging from Australia’s thriving electronic music scene.