At a time the music space got to acknowledge the burgeoning Wave genre, most new listeners got to know about the movement from one artist: Skeler. After some years of tinkering on the softer, melodic aspects of Wave, in 2017, Skeler began to tweak the sound to a more club friendly approach thereby opening up the genre to listeners who gravitated to the woozy, frenetic feels of electronic dance music.


Calling it Hardwave, Skeler‘s sound still retained the lush sensibilities of Wave but there was addition of heavier elements with a surging storm of booming bass, thumping drums, and chopped vocals, the innovative beatsmith created a groundbreaking, more widely appealing variation of the sound. Skeler’s technical, eclectic approach towards crafting records has earned him worldwide acclaim and a cult of followers, with his tracks being some of the most viewed and listened to of all artists in the genre.


Voted as one of the top trap artists of the year alongside Baauer and Hudson Mohawke by r/Trap. His “NightDrive” mix, a mix featuring all original and unreleased music, was also voted the best mix of the year.