Lost Frequencies

Belgian producer Felix de Laet aka Lost Frequencies is quickly gaining recognition for producing a new and intuitive style of quality music. It's hard to believe that he began producing in earnest just 3 years ago, after getting his very first MacBook Pro. Growing up in a musical family, Felix played piano alongside his brothers from a young age. Never one to settle in place, de Laet takes his inspiration from hip-hop, to jazz, to drum and bass. He listens to everything and lets his broad taste inform his musical decisions. He loves to incorporate the old (Lost Frequencies) into exciting remixes, and this love quickly turned into the need to produce original compositions.

After taking over the European iTunes and Shazam charts earlier in the year, Lost Frequencies has well and truly dominated Australia and the world with the European Summer anthem 'Are You With Me'. Now with an Australian iTunes #1, 'Are You With Me' joins the list of over 10 countries where the track has taken the #1 spot.

Channeling a European Summer dream, the melancholic affair that is 'Are You With Me', is full of smooth rhythms, blues guitar riffs, chunky grooves and a heartfelt bassline that has left the world wanting for more. The 22 year-old Belgian has set his sights on his follow up single 'Reality', which is already amounting to global success on the Worldwide Shazam Charts.

Following the global success of 'Are You With Me' and 'Reality', Lost Frequencies hits the world with 'Beautiful Life', the first single of his debut album. Spotlighting the Belgian's sparkling guitar tones, catchy flute melodies, and Sandro Cavazza's distinct timbre, this stunningly delicate tune redefines what we refer to as feel-good music. Beautiful atmospheres for a beautiful world. That's 'Beautiful Life'.