10 Tracks That Are Going To Rule The European Summer

You're nearing July, you've got your euro rail, flights and bar crawls booked and now you need to focus on something more serious - the music that's going take your Top-Deck Tour to new heights. Well, look no further because we've got you sorted for the Top 10 Tracks that you'll be hearing from Mykonos all the way to Ibiza.

1. Imany feat. Filatov & Karas - Don't Be So Shy

A massive track, and our Tune of The Week, that's got us all at MoS HQ wishing we were on a beach in Croatia is Filatov & Karas' Remix of Imany's 'Don't Be So Shy'. The Moscow based, electronic-music duo teamed up in 2012 and have been dropping some huge reworks ever since. Don't Be So Shy has had a good dose of electronic beats, dancy drops and trance vibes remixed into it – a guaranteed song on repeat for the entire summer. Remember Filatov & Karas's Remix of Don't Be Shy when you hear it coming out the speakers at the beach club in Ios, these two are sure to give us more of this all year long.

2. Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna - This is What You Came For

Stepping onto your next destination, let Rihanna and Calvin Haris keep you going with their track This is What You Came For. As the first collab from these artists since We Found Love back in 2011, this summer tune combines bad gal rhirhis vocals and Harris' electro magic to create a tune to jump to, surely to be a big hit in Europe 2016.

3. Cheat Codes x Kriss Kross Amseterdam - Sex

Stopping you in your tracks somewhere around Berlin, Cheat Codes' 'Sex' is the next massive release guaranteed to kick up a storm over the summer. With some trap vibes and an electronic drop, Sex is definitely going to be talked about, danced to, remixed from and laid over a drool-worthy vlog titled The Best Summer of My Life.

4. Sigala feat. John Newman & Nile Rodgers - Give Me Your Love

Missing some sweet male vocals over there in Ibiza? Sigala and Nile Rodgers is here to help with you daily dose of John Newman in their bouncy track, Give Me Your Love. Newman's soulful sound with help from Rodgers on guitar and Sigala's massive beats has created a track that ticks all the boxes – a massive artist to watch, doing nothing in the traditional sense on everything he touches.

5. Sunset Child feat. Charlz - Chew Candy

Massive holiday vibes on this one, coming hand in hand with sangria and sand, Sunset Child's 'Chew Candy' is our next best track that's going to rule the European Summer. Coming to you with the perfect mix of chill house and electro house, Sunset Child's tune is unlike a lot of the music you'll hear, making you want to listen to it from dusk till dawn- a huge tune prime for any occasion.

6. Bob Sinclar - Someone Who Needs Me

Never being one to disappoint, Bob Sinclar is going to be following you around Europe this summer with his newest release Someone who Needs Me. In his style, this track has some major house drops with an upbeat baseline and a catchy tune, a guarantee to be stuck in your head all summer.

7. EDX feat. Mingue - Missing

Following on with some more electric beats, close your eyes and put this track on repeat all through London and Paris: EDX's 'Missing' has everything (no pun intended) you would want from a house track plus more– a massive base line, great work on the cowbell front and a great use of strings to bring it all together. As follow up from their Indian Summer remix to Show Me Love, EDX has risen to the occasion on this track.

8. Tiësto & Oliver Heldens feat. Natalie La Rose - The Right Song

With a little bit more techno, Tiësto and Oliver Heldens has done us all a service to combine with Natalie La Rose to create a Europe bannger like no other. The Right Song has elements from both artist clear throughout the track, and with it's jumpy style and huge drops, I wouldn't expect anything less from them. This track is a sure fire beach party starter for Europe 2016.

9. WHTKD - Say To Me

WHTKD'sSay to Me is the classic house beat we would want to hear across Europe. This track is going to be on repeat just so we can hear that build up one more time. Say to Me will be by far one of the biggest house tracks to hit Europe this summer, using a head shaking base and a techno melody to keep you hooked.

10. Firebeatz & Chocolate Puma feat. Bishøp - Lullaby

Last but definitely not least, is Lullaby from Firebeatz, Chocolate Puma and Bishøp, which will do anything but put you to sleep. The super dancy track has an unbelievable drop with a great beat essential for any Europe destination. This one is a big track, you've been warned..

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