15 Hilarious James Blunt Tweets

James Blunt has come a long way from being drenched and shirtless on a cliff in 2005, even working up to being fully clothed and playing piano in the music video for his latest track 'Melody' with Lost Frequencies, but one thing that has never changed is his desire to throw down with any trolls that might come calling. When it comes to Twitter this songbird has no room for boundaries, no time for censorship and doesn't give a damn about other people's feelings. And we fucking love it.

Let's start off with this unique album announcement.

Don't get it twisted, he only wants one thing from you.

He is what people would call a 'lover of the people'

And I would hide your wives around him if I were you.

One glorious day we were finally were granted the secret behind his beautiful singing voice.

We all know your mum's a fan of James Blunt.

This third degree burn requires immediate medical attention.

Here he gives us an inside look at the real James Blunt

And gets real deep

And unfortunately I also do not speak this foreign language so I can only agree.

For anyone looking to become his friend…

And I mean, if Ed Sheeran can't nab him, what hope do the rest of us have?

Unfortunately he seems to have come to this realisation a little too late.

And finally I'm sorry to say that not even James Blunt thinks you're beautiful.

Well not unless you're this girls taxi driver.