9 Things We Learned From Darude's Reddit AMA

To not know who Darude is at this point, you would have to literally have been living under a rock for the past 15 years. As we all know, Darude is the EDM king who created the timeless and probably most played EDM track ever, 'Sandstorm'. Since its immaculate conception in 2001, 'Sandstorm' has become an EDM anthem for ravers and internet users alike, and has gotten plays virtually everywhere from Diskmen's & iPod's to underground clubs in Finland, to UFC stadiums and even featured in YouTube's own 2015 April fool's joke video.

One would think that given all of its success, the track would transform Darude into a self-involved EDM god who spends his whole life in a trance of partying and music - however, from the Reddit AMA that Darude hosted this week, it seems that he is in fact a normal dude who does normal dude things.

Ahead of Darude's massive Australian tour in September, we chopped up the best bits of his Reddit AMA.

1. He's a family loving man with a wife of 8 years and a 7 year old son, who he mentions is greatest achievement despite all of his Sandstorm success.

2. He's a sucker for some high speed action - and has been spotted flooring a fan off the mark at the traffic lights.

3. He LOVES his fans - and once signed the cast of an Aussie fan who was wheelchair bound yet still moshed to Darude & the fan ended up getting the signature tattoo'ed to his arm permanently.

4. I mean he REALLY loves his fans - and has even become long-term friends with a lucky few. (Side note - he casually reveals that he used to be a volunteer firefighter!)

5. He has hobbies & down time just like everyone else - and confesses to being a casual gamer, but a very serious netflix & iTunes binge watcher. He also adds that when he gets caught up in the hype of being the worlds most known DJ, he clears his head by playing ice hockey (How very Finnish of him).

6. He starts the day with a big bowl of hot gluten-free oatmeal & mashed banana for breakfast alongside his son - I would have expected that 5 star buffet breakfasts would be his morning ritual!

7. He's either got a good sense of humour, or a great taste in music. (Hamahamahakki translates to Itsy Bitsy Spider)

8. He's not a greedy dude! And is happy to shake off the many many millions that he could be owed from all of the unauthorised uses of 'Sandstorm'.

9. And last but not least, he can't get enough of Australia and our festivals (he's only human), which is why he's back here in September!

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