Get To Know HARLUM

Exploding on to the dance music scene is Melbourne producer HARLUM. With only two official releases to date, the rising star is kicking some epic goals, having previously receiving Triple J Unearthed radio support and over 100K streams on his debut track 'Borderline'. Fuelling the hype, HARLUM has returned dropping his heaving new single 'Wave After Wave', which has already cracked Spotify Viral Charts, and has gone on to be supported by one of the biggest names in dance music, Martin Garrix. Things are only getting bigger and better for the Melbourne native, so we've snatched him up to have a quick chat about his project, inspirations and future music plans.

1) How did you first get into DJing and Producing?

I began both Djing and producing after watching will sparks debut his new remix of the Stafford brothers 'Hello'. I can clearly remember standing in the main room of orange whip and watching everyone go crazy for the song,watching this honestly inspired me . The next morning I bought Decks and 2 weeks later I purchased Ableton.

2) Straight out of the gate, your first release 'borderlines' had some major success after being featured as the Demo of The Week by Hardwell. Did you ever expect that type of response?

'Borderlines' actually wasn't featured, 'Tide' was haha, but I handed it into revealed recordings once I finished it and they mailed me back saying this is a dope track and we want to premiere it as demo of the week on HOA, To be honest i nearly fell off my chair!

But I never released tide, as much as everyone said it was a banger and they loved it, it didn't have any relation to me or a story so it didn't represent HARLUM like my released singles do.

3) Your latest single 'Wave After Wave' is off to an impressive start, being added to New Music Friday and cracking the Viral Top 50 in Australia on Spotify. How did 'Wave After Wave' come about?

Wave After Wave actually came about right after i got kicked out home and my girlfriend took me in with her family. It honestly felt as if everything was crashing around me, but I was lucky to have my Girlfriend there to support me through it all. A week after everything happened I was sitting at the dinner table with my computer and found a guitar plugin, I wrote a couple of melodies and the rest is history. Once i had the idea down I actually spoke with Paul my topliner about the direction of the song and he did an awesome job of capturing my story through the lyrics.

4) How would you best describe your sound?

I would like say my music is emotional and always belongs to a story, that way it means the most to me. But I will sit on a song for as long as it takes until i have a melody that is right, I will never settle until i know thats its catchy AF

5) Who would you say is your biggest inspiration right now? Who are your dream collaborators?

My biggest inspirations has always been Diplo & Coldplay, Diplo can do anything and cut through any seen he wants and coldplay's music has just always been a part of my life. My dream collaborators list could go on forever, but to name a few would be Coldplay, Calvin harris, Diplo, the Weeknd, Khalid, Justin Bieber, Mø and The Chainsmokers!

6) So recently you went to Coachella!! (super jealous btw) Is playing at Coachella a goal or dream for you? Is there a place or the moment where you would think, "I've made it"?

Umm BOTH! i watched so many artist perform and watching people react to their music just gave me shivers. I can only imagine the feeling of being on those main stages in-front of all those people, it would be an insane vibe. I Would feel that I have made it when I hear that my music is helping people, especially those going through tough times in their life; sure I have huge goals of playing on main stages around the world but music has helped me through so many things in my life and I want nothing more than to do the same for others. Anything else that comes with it all is just a bonus.

7) What has been your favourite venue that you've played at so far? Do you prefer playing smaller more intimate gigs or larger venues?

Performing on the main stage at lucky Thursdays is my favourite venue thus far, the larger the venue the more butterflies in your stomach before the gig and i live for the butterflies!!

8) If you hadn't become a DJ what career would you be pursuing?

I would definitely of been a producer behind the scenes or a mixing engineer. no feeling or anything on this earth can top the feeing of when you're in a studio and the music starts vibing!

9) What can we expect from you in the future?

I've always said to everyone that knows me, I don't stop for anyone or anything and I'm working my ass off until I'm where I want to be and I'm no where near it yet. so expect plenty more from me.

FUN FACT: HARLUM is actually my name……

Harry Mullins - first three letters of both HAR MUL

Turn MUL backwards and you have HARLUM