Get To Know Rojdar

The name Rojdar has become firmly implanted into the Aussie Dance Music scene over the last few years with this 21 year old DJ achieving more in a few short years than most do in a life time. His debut single, a cover of the classic early 2000's hit 'Ignition', was one of the biggest songs in the country last year, cracking the iTunes Top 10. Rojdar has been blowing up all over the place over the past year, touring around the country for RnB Fridays national tour, performances at Australian Open, Melbourne Grand Prix and Commonwealth Games, as well as major support slots alongside the likes of Tiesto, David Guetta, Asap Rocky, Martin Garrix, Deadmau5 and the late Avicii.

We caught up with Rojdar, to get to know one of the most exciting dance acts to come out of Australia right now.

1. When did you start DJing and who were your major influences?

My first gig was the week of my 16th birthday! I was terrible, I would have stopped the music at least 5 or 6 times. When it comes to major influencers in my music, I've always been a fan of pop music & Dj Havana brown alongside Pitbull would have been the biggest influence in me taking up djing.

2. What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

I'm going to say collaborating and performing with The Script on their most recent Australia tour. Supporting Tiesto & David Guetta will definitely have to be up there.

3. You have had some insane success in the past few years, sharing the stage with Tiesto, Rudimental, ASAP Rocky, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Deadmau5 and Avicii just to name a few, is there anyone that you dream of supporting or performing with?

A major Goal for myself is to Perform with either Calvin Harris or Halsey. They are the only artists I listen to on Spotify. A good friend of mine Generik spent most of last year supporting Calvin in Vegas & just remixed a Halsey record. He's literally goals, I even have a poster of his logo on my wall which I stole from the Tiesto show.

4. Your first single 'Ignition' was a radio and club success, how did it feel to hear your song getting smashed on the radio?

Hearing 'Ignition' on radio was strange, even more strange when I think about how the vocals was recorded in a cupboard filled with pillows. After a few weeks on radio, everyone started referring to me as 'The King of Commercial Radio', actually……it was just me calling myself 'The Commercial King'. Just in case you were wondering, I am known for my humbleness btw.

5. How would you describe your sound?

Happy. Like, Oh she's not pregnant happy.

6. So you have a new single coming out, 'Freakin Wasted', can you tell us a little bit about it?

Super catchy pop record, which happens to be my first original release. Really excited about the record coming out, it's been a bit of a trek to release this but definitely something I'm super proud to be releasing.

7. What's the most insane experience that's happened to you on tour or on stage?

Asap Rocky once asked if I wanted to join him on stage, after agreeing I was handed a full body kangaroo outfit & had to jump around stage. Was quite the stitch up. I also once fell off 2 levels of staging to break my foot. Happy Days.

8. What advice would you give any aspiring DJ's?

Don't get caught up in the bullshit, just have have a good time & enjoy the party.

9. Do you have any pre show rituals or odd habits that you do that no one knows about?

I brush my teeth moments before I go on stage for any big show. Sometimes, I get caught up in a rush & have to brush while I'm running to stage. You always get strange looks & people questioning you but it helps take my mind off things and it calms me down.

10. If you hadn't become a DJ what career would you be pursuing?

I'd be pursuing a career as a stay at home dad with 17 kids and a dog.