House Anthems With Australian DJ Legend GT

Groove Terminator (GT), is one of the most respected and influential DJ's in Australia who has physically seen house music evolve on the charts and in the clubs over the past 20 years. Having mixed a number of Ministry of Sound compilations over the past 10 years, and having a bunch of global hit records under multiple monikers (including Tonite Only), GT knows his way around a few dance floor anthems.

With the release of our next compilation Anthems House fast approaching, GT has shared with us some of his standout 'game-changing' tracks from the compilation. Offering some of the best house tracks from the 80s until now, Anthems House features legendary artists Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson & Armand Van Helden, to the new age of house music visionaries like Disclosure, Duke Dumont, Route 94 & Jamie Jones.

Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle - Your Love

I can count the house records on one hand that have had people consistently run screaming to the dance floor for over 25 years and this is definitely one of them, Everything that's amazing about house music in one amazing tune, timeless, classic, euphoric. Almost everyone can tell you a great story about the first time they heard this song and what it means to them.

Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (1994 Dub Of Doom Mix)

MK apparently made this remix in around 3 hours. I kinda hate AND love him for that. like WHO does that? That classic Korg M1 organ bass sound that continues to dominate in 2015 as much as it did in 1993.

Armand Van Helden feat. Duane Harden - You Don't Know Me

Every 5 years or so you can count on old mate AVH to come out with a genre defining record with basically 1 or 2 loops doing the heavy lifting musically. This time he added an incredible vocal from one of NYC finest house vocalists to rest this monster jam. AVH is a major inspiration for me and countless others.

Steve "Silk" Hurley - Jack Your Body

The first time I heard this record it was 1986 and I was a 100% hip-hop loving, train painting , mixtape making b-boy. This record was the sound of the future and I was hooked, instantly on this thing called House Music and I never looked back.

Eddie Amador - House Music

I quote this record to people who don't understand house music. It's really helpful.

Black Legend – You See The Trouble With Me

I wish I made this record. I should have made this record.

Storm Queen - Look Right Through (MK Vocal Edit)

Best comeback record of the last 20 years period. This is everything that's great about house music and great about this thing of ours all in the one record, the sentiment, the groove, the lyrics, the vibe.

Route 94 feat. Jess Glynne - My Love

An instant classic, this for me, was the sound of 2014 and the sound of Coachella when The Magician dropped this during his set. I never seen so many people hugging each other like that! Amazing what great a simple emotive piano groove and the right lyric can do to 1 person or even 12,000. This tune has really inspired me lately.