Interview: Get To Know Major Minor

In the tropics of North Queensland there are some kids who are cooking up a storm of tropical trap bangers. Proudly introducing Major Minor! Hailing from the white sandy beaches and lush rainforests of tropical North Queensland, the exciting pair of producers have been honing down on their own brand of club bangers with a hint of inspiration from tropical North Queensland in the mix. Delivering their striking debut single in Riptide, the duo have received national support from Spotify, after being featured in their highly regarded New Music Friday playlist in Australia. Opening with delicate synth chords & soothing vocals from Tate Lauren Cole, Riptide builds towards a captivating chorus and melodic bass drop with an intriguing twist! Calling it now, Major Minor are ones to watch in 2018, and this tropicool anthem has Summer written all over it!

We sat down with the boys to ask them a few questions ahead of the release of their new single 'Riptide'.

How did you meet each other? Did you start creating music right away?

We went to high school together in the Whitsundays, We made our 1st track together when we where still in high school & ever since we have been making music together.

You describe your sound as 'Tropical Trap'. Does that stem from your upbringing in North Queensland?

Maybe. We're both just easy going and enjoy easy listening tracks, & wanted to make something that we could dance to & chill to, then Tropical Trap was born!

Which artists are you digging at the moment?

Absolutely loving Post Malone & Snakehips right now! Also Digging Lauv, Mura Masa, Did we mention Post Malone👌🏼👌🏽

Favourite Queensland beach?

There's so many! Dm us we will tell you all the good spots @majorminordj 🌴🌴

What was the inspiration behind your new single 'Riptide'?

Riptide is about fighting for what you want in life, but at the same time allowing things to happen naturally. We all started jamming in the studio together and it kind of just came out all at once, organically. After the studio session we started the project pretty much from scratch. Will had this idea of useing a violin for the drop & the rest is history.

Ps. There is a video of the riptide studio session if you wanted to learn more!

What's next for Major Minor?

We've been working on music behind the scenes for over a year now so we're excited to share that with you very soon. Max is moving to Cairns where Will is next month meaning Major Minor with be reunited for the 1st time in 3 years. You'll find us sipping champaign on the beach with our laptops & headphones.

'Visor' is available for stream and download Now