Get To Know: Leotrix

Sydney based Leotrix has been steadily climbing the ranks of the EDM scene for a while now, his position as a strong up and comer cemented by the release of his debut EP, Arrowhead, a few months back. We managed to tie him down to answer a few questions before the drop of his track, 'Swimboy' and his latest release 'Radar',both of which are out now through Downright.

How did you start creating and producing music?

So, when I was 10 I was really into rock and metal music and I was writing that kind of stuff at the time. I was playing guitar and from there, that was where my musical interest began. When I was 12, I found out about dubstep and I got into producing and DJing electronic music.

How do you best describe your sound?

Best way to describe my sound is something sort of really emotional and punchy and kind of steered away from normality. It's definitely unique compared to other sounds. I think I just like breaking the rules in terms of what my music could be.

A couple of months back you dropped your debut EP, Arrowhead. How did it feel to finish that body of work and put it out there?

It felt really satisfying to see people get involved in the song writing aspect of my music. I think it was also really rewarding to work with vocals because a lot of the work I previously released was completely instrumental so a lot of people didn't see that side of my music.

Which artists are inspiring you at the moment?

Definitely guys like Noisia, Moody Good, Aweminus and Sam Gellaitry. All these artists have inspired different aspects of my music from being heavy, experimental and melodic.

What's your dream venue to play at?

My dream venue to play a would have to be Red Rocks Amphitheatre. When I saw videos of Skrillex playing there during his Mothership Tour from a couple years back, it just looked insane. I looked at that went "Yep, I wanna play shows like that."

You recently supported ATLiens, that would have been a rush! How was the show? Would that have been the biggest crowd you've played to?

It was really cool to play to such a dedicated fan-base, and to be able to play alongside a big name in the scene. I had a lot of fun.

For the people who haven't experienced it yet, what can your fans expect when they come to one of your live sets?

I think they can easily expect something really exciting, diverse and way over the top. I tend to put a lot of energy into my sets and that energy usually bounces back and I think thats why I get such a buzz from playing in front of crowds.

Sydney wonderkid Leotrix returns once more to ravage our eardrums with his latest sub-rattling, neck-breaking bass beast, 'Swimboy'. Armed to the teeth with eclectic musicality and penetrating drums, this weapon shreds with full force as upshots of distorted bass modulations and splashes of arpeggiated synths resonate across 4 minutes of brutal mayhem. Is that Leotrix? You're damn right it is!

'Swimboy' is available for stream and download now